Sunday, May 6, 2012

"This Device Can Perform Faster" Duh.

I get this message each and every time I plug in a USB memory stick into my computer. Why? Because my system is old (ancient!) and it has an "old" USB 1.1 interface whereas all the newer USB sticks are USB 2.0. So my dumb-ass operating system (XP) insists on telling me that I can do better. But really, is it necessary to remind me each and every time? And leave that message dangling at the bottom of my screen until I move my mouse over to kill it? Does the computer not realize that I have better things to do - like use the slow storage I just plugged in?

It make me wonder which engineering genius or marketing guru thought of this utilitarian message - "hey, let's remind that poor sucker that his device can go faster. I'm sure he'll appreciate it each and every time. He may even thank us for it."

I'm actually not sure what's more amazing - getting this message so often, or the message itself. Is this message even necessary? So I could go faster, but since I obviously can't what's the big deal? Why bother telling me?

I guess on the grand scheme of things, this is just a minor nit. But sometimes, it's the little details that matter. And details are what good user experiences great ones. Or not so great.